Redemption rips through the surface of time in the cry of a tiny babe. Bruce Cockburn

Hannah Main-van der Kamp & Liviu Mocan

 Liviu Mocan: The Spring

Hannah Main – van der Kamp: Excrucielsis 

Epiphany, “a sudden enlightenment”

Star-struck Magus
drags his vision burden,
cold wind keens through his rib cage.
Straggler over dark hills
over darker vales.
He saw something once,
         a well of light
         a beckoning
         far away

         and shouldered it.

Must be his post-Christmas blues,
empty of pocket, beer-blearied
festivity wearied, with muzak-deafened ear.
Why not just drop
that craziness, that longing for
the something more, just
cheer up. Have a pill, have a drink.
Buy something.

Still proceeding, blister-lamed
not leaping, he reels over rough ground,
feeble, clutches the weight
of his deferred dream-

Look here are the January discount sales
and here the Tavern of Happiness. Come in come in
to the Entitlement Boutique.

- does not sense what even rocks might cry out
         the change in light
         a whistle-soft wind.
         Not far ahead
         a throng of angels wait
         for that trumpet, wait

         to un-shoulder him.



Liviu Mocan: The Spring, 2013, 172 x 27 x 21 cm, bronze, marble of Moneasa.

Liviu Mocan is a Romanian sculptor. He was born in 1955 in Cara, a village in Transylvania. He studied at the Art Academy in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, followed by post academic studies in the U.S. In 1995, under the atheist communist government of his country, he started to understand, love and follow Jesus Christ. Since that time he values the fact that he is a creation higher than the fact that he is a creator. Sculptures become for him his altar, his prayers, his tears, his joy, his spiritual exercises of understanding God, the world, beauty and himself. His main artistic preoccupation revolves around matters of resurrection in large series of work such as Seeds, Pillars, and Vertical Libraries. ‘I am striving to polish mirrors for heaven,’ the artists says. Website:

Hannah Main – van der Kamp lives in a remote community on the coast of British Columbia.  Her most recent volume of poems, Slow Sunday on the Malaspina Strait, was published by the St Thomas Poetry Series, Toronto, 2012.


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