The hint half guessed, the gift half understood, is Incarnation T.S. Eliot

Visual meditations

Ethiopian Illuminated Gospel Book

This image evidences an Ethiopian Orthodox aesthetic, a liturgical visual language, not a narrative-oriented method. Representing Christ and Mary in the manner of an Orthodox icon, it emphasizes design rather than illusion.

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David Miller

David Miller Interview

“Form welcomes the formless home”

Jonathan Evens interviews David Miller on his work and the “interrelation, symbiosis and overlap” between writing and visual art

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Art and Music

Move On Up a Little Higher

Mahalia Jackson


Charles White

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Art and Poetry

Sandro Botticelli: Madonna and Child, with Saints

Luci Shaw & Botticelli

Botticelli’s Madonna and Child, with Saints 

Jesus looking like 
a real baby, not
a bony homunculus, 
solemn and all-knowing.

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Christian calendar

Sunday Christ the King

Tanja Butler: The Shepherd King

And he shall shepherd his flock in the strength of the Lord, in the majesty of the name of the Lord.

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