Beauty is a gift that we discover, receive, and steward. Makoto Fujimura

Visual meditations

Banksy: Flying Balloon Girl

Banksy’s protest art stands in the tradition of the prophets in the Bible. They did not use stencils and spray paint, but they were equally visionaries who conveyed their messages in words and also in pictures.

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Safina Stewart: Seven Days of Creation, detail

Ethnoarts Scripture Engagement

by Scott Rayl

Ethnoarts are artistic ‘languages’ that are unique to a particular community. They can help strengthen cultural and Christian identity.

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Christian calendar

Year A, Proper 17

 Revised Common Lectionary

"In my work every individual finds him/herself at one crossroad or another on a spiritual/psychological journey. My works are emotionally charged narrative fragments."

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Art and Music

Move On Up a Little Higher

Mahalia Jackson


Charles White

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Art and Poetry

Liviu Mocan: The Lamb of God

Jill Baumgaertner & Liviu Mocan

Poems and sculptures

The lamb of God
is a curl of eyes and a dagger
in its breast, blanketed with the pulse of copper and zinc cool to the touch.  

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Church of the month

England: All Saints Parish Church, Tudeley

by Jonathan Evens

Inside the church I am immediately immersed in intense colours – rich and deep marine blue, with blends of burgundy and bottle green.

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