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Roe Kendall, Dinah: Allegories of Heaven

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Dinah Roe Kendall & Eugene H. Peterson: Allegories of Heaven. An Artist Explores the "Greatest Story Ever Told". Piquant Editions – Carlisle, 2002.

Christians throughout the centuries have portrayed the life of Christ through painting, sculpture and art. In so doing the church has expressed the incarnation in ways engaging both the eye and the imagination.
Now contemporary artist Dinah Roe Kendall offers a vibrant retelling of the full scope of Jesus’ ministry. Walking through the Gospel narratives from annunciation to ascension, Kendall brings to life well-known events and parables with unexpected visual force. We encounter familiar figures such as John the Baptist and the good Samaritan as we have never seen them before.
Accompanied by Eugene Peterson’s The Message translation of the Gospel stories, Kendall’s artwork leads us into a fresh experience of Jesus’s story. This volume helps us envision anew, 'This is what the kingdom of heaven is like...'

Special Features
Colourful. Images full of pathos and humour. Ideal for family, family church or Sunday School use. For meditation or to encourage discussion.