Quality is the first norm for art, but its final norm is love and truth, the enriching of human life, the deepening of our vision.


Books - Book Reviews

Anderson, Cam: The Faithful Artist, V.E. Jones
Anderson, Cameron: The Faithful Artist
Anderson, Dyrness: Modern Art & the Life of a
Barlow, Adrian: The Life, Art and L. of C.E. Kempe
Beckett, Sister Wendy: The Art of Greg Tricker
Begbie, Jeremy - Abundantly More
Benner, Juliet: Contemplative Vision
Bergmann, Sigurd: A Liberative Theology of Images
Bernier, Ronald: The Unspeakable Art of Bill Viola
Bond, Fiona: The Arts in Your Church
Brand, H. & Chaplin, A.: Art and Soul
Burch Brown, Frank: Inclusive Yet Discerning
Bustard, Ned: Revealed, Storybook Bible Grown-Ups
Dyrness, W.: Poetic Theology of Everyday Life
Dyrness, William: Visual Faith
Elkins, James: The Place of Religion in Art Today
Forte, Bruno: The Portal of Beauty
Fromont, Cécile: The Art of Conversion in Kongo
Gabankova, Maria: Body Broken - Body Redeemed
Gasque, Laurel: Art and the Christian Mind
Harries, Richard: Art and the Beauty of God
Harries, Richard:The Image of Christ in Modern Art
Harvey, John: The Bible as Visual Culture
Hengelaar, M. ed.: Complete Works of H. Rookmaaker
Hibbs, Thomas: Rouault-Fujimura: Soliloquies
Holtam, Nicholas: The Art of Worship
Hutchison, Roger: The Painting Table
J Romaine ed: Christ in African American Art
Jeffrey, David L.: In the Beauty of Holiness
Kaai, Anneke: She Shall be Called Woman
Knippers, Edward: Violent Grace: A Retrospective
Koestlé-Cate, Art and Church A Fractious Embrace
Nouwen, Henri: Praying with the Icons
Pennoyer, G. & Wolfe, G.: God with Us
Roe Kendall, Dinah: Allegories of Heaven
Romaine, J. and Stratford L. (ed.): Revisioning
Romaine, James (ed.): Art as Spiritual Perception
Romaine, James: Two Books on Rembrandt
Rookmaaker, H.: Jazz, Blues and Spirituals
Rookmaaker, H.: Modern Art and Death of a Culture
Ryken, Philip: Art for Gods Sake
Scruton, Roger: Beauty: A Very Short Introduction
Sedlmayr, H.: Die Revolution der modernen Kunst
Seerveld, Calvin: Bearing Fresh Olive Leaves
Seerveld, Calvin: In the Fields of the Lord
Shaw, Luci: Breath for the Bones
Smith, Peter: The Way I See It
Sokolove, D.: Sanctifying Art
Spackman, Betty: A Profound Weakness
Spier, Jeffrey: The Earliest Christian Art
Taylor + Worley ed: Contemporary Art + the Church
Taylor, David: The Theater of God’s Glory
Thistlethwaite, David: The Art of God
Tughan, James: Contact: The Artistry of Jesus
Wagner, Roger: Forms of Transcendence
Walford, John: An Art Historian´s Sideways Glance
Weber, C. - How other cultures see the Bible
Weevers, Arent: Musings. About Art, Body, Religion
Wolterstorff: Art Rethought, Social Practices