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Kaai, Anneke: She Shall be Called Woman

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Anneke Kaai: "She shall be called WOMAN", Piquant Editions – Carlisle, 2009.
ANNNEKE KAAI'S latest series of paintings on women in the Bible are now available in the newest publication of Piquant Editions: "She shall be called WOMAN"
In this stunning gift- and art collector's book, MARY MIKHAEL, president of the Near East School of Theology in Beirut, has written the meditations that accompany the gripping and deeply expressive 'portraits' by ANNEKE KAAI of women recorded in the Scriptures. In some depictions, the subjects are saturated with one overwhelming sense - of joy, hatred, thanksgiving, love - but in others, they are strikingly 'cut in two' by competing, contradictory, emotions. The writer's meditations take readers behind the facts of history to glimpse how a single thought can seed a sequence of deeds, whose results, for good or evil, ripple out to eternity...