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Seerveld, Calvin: In the Fields of the Lord

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Calvin Seerveld, edited by Craig Bartholomew: In the Fields of the Lord. A Calvin Seerveld Reader, Piquant Editions – Carlisle, 2000.
A selection of lectures and articles by Calvin Seerveld, edited by Craig Bartholomew, on topics as diverse as art, education, daily working life, song, dance, philosophy and reading the Bible. With an introduction to the thought of Seerveld by Bartholomew and an autobiographical 'vignette' by Seerveld himself. The sheer creativity, panache, godly wisdom and humour of Seerveld, and the breathtaking scope of his knowledge and interests, are clearly shown in these diverse articles and lectures, not available elsewhere. Calvin Seerveld sparkles as a foundational Christian teacher and thinker in pursuit of common-sense daily godliness.

Calvin Seerveld is at once both deep and light, both serious and playful. This collection of essays... reveals a persisitent and consistent disciple of the Lord at work. They invite us to think hard and celebrate unreservedly in God’s world. James W. Skillen, President, Center for Public Justice

Superb autobiographical introduction to Seerveld. Excellent introduction on Seerveld's thinking by Bartholomew.