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Wagner, Roger: Forms of Transcendence

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Roger Wagner: Forms of Transcendence, Volume 4 of the VISIBILIA series, Piquant Editions – Carlisle, 2009.
In the 4th volume of the Piquant Editions VISIBILIA series, Chris Miller sensitively introduces the stunning art of the British painter, poet and printmaker Roger Wagner. Roger's work is regularly exhibited in the UK and widely collected around the world.
“The obvious reason why Roger succeeds so well with images that sharply question our artistic assumptions is his consummate skill as an artist. His sheer talent forces us to think again. But no less important, of course, is the fact that there is a great deal more in the paintings than a simple attempt to reproduce what is imagined as the past. Through his use of light, choice of colours and juxtaposition of biblical and contemporary images, there is a mysterious something other present." From the Foreword by Richard Harries
This book features beautiful reproductions of some of Roger's most well-known works as well as two new, recently completed, canvases: Woman Why Do You Weep (2007) and The Road to Emmaus (2008).