Quality is the first norm for art, but its final norm is love and truth, the enriching of human life, the deepening of our vision.


Brand, H. & Chaplin, A.: Art and Soul

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H. Brand en A. Chaplin: Art and Soul, Signposts for Christians in the Arts, Piquant Editions - Carlisle, 2001 (second edition)
More Christians than ever before are studying and working professionally in the arts - but how to do it with integrity, Christian grit and in the language of our time?
This practical introductory textbook is seasoned with quotes from artists, critics and philosophers, and animated with 51 b/w illustrations representing visual art, architecture, music, poetry, drama, media and film. The authors make a quick tour through the history of western art and culture. They identify the roots that led to our current post-modern condition, as well as the sometimes strained relations between the church and artists. They examine the implications of the biblical themes of a good Creation, a perverting Fall and the reality of Redemption for the aesthetic dimension of life.
They also look at the way we interpret and interact with art - why does art matter? And how can different approaches to art make art work for us in different ways? Finally they have bold advice and encouragement for Christians involved in the arts or considering an artistic career.
In this foundation-level textbook, Brand and Chaplin explores why and how the arts work for us. It is a bold encouragement for Christians in the arts or those considering an artistic career.

Special Features:
Revised in 2007 and updated edition. Foundation-level textbook. Illustrated with contemporary art.