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Walford, John: An Art Historian´s Sideways Glance

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E. John Walford, An Art Historian's Sideways Glance, Piquant Editions – Carlisle, 2009.
Volume 3 in Piquant’s VISIBILIA series of "visual biographies" starts with an introductory essay by Anne Roberts, followed by digital photographs, diptychs and triptychs created by John Walford, Professor of Art History at Wheaton College in the US and serious digital photography enthusiast. John is also an inspiring presence on the website where his enigmatic images extends his "classroom" to a worldwide audience and generate many interesting discussions.

Sharp observation and fine humour fine-tune everyday occurrences in Walford's work and infuse them with insights drawn from art images through the centuries to create new permutations that challenge: a wake-up call to those with a gift in visual language to use the opportunities now available through "new technologies" to just communicate!