Quality is the first norm for art, but its final norm is love and truth, the enriching of human life, the deepening of our vision.


Articles - Art History

Art and the Bible in Western Culture - D. Jeffrey
Silent Witness - Laurel Gasque
Good Depictions of God - Marleen Hengelaar
On Nudity - H.R. Rookmaaker
Norms for Art and Art Education? - H.R. Rookmaaker
Historicals Models of the Cross - Grete Refsum
Sacred Geometry in Christian Art - Sophie Hacker
The Theme of Naked Truth - David L. Hatton
Works of Mercy in Art - M. Hengelaar
The Christian Art Historian - John Walford
Art as Spriritual Perception Review - A. Chaplin
Early Christian Art - Jennifer Hevelone-Harper
Envisioning the Eucharist - by Madelyn Johnston
Art of the Middle Ages - H.R. Rookmaaker
Franciscans and Dominicans and Art - J. Skillen
Medieval Optics and the Evil Eye - Margaret Miles
The Bible of the Poor - by Laurel Gasque
Art of the 15th Century - H.R. Rookmaaker
Renaissance Art - John Walford
Five Renaissance Artists - by Rachel Smith
The Sistine Chapel - James Romaine
The Reformation and Art - H.R. Rookmaaker
Art of the 16th and 17th Century - H.R. Rookmaaker
Art of the 17th Century (Dutch) - Nigel Halliday
Art of the 17th Century (Dutch) - H.R. Rookmaaker
Art of the 17th Century (Spanish) - Nigel Halliday
Art of the Baroque - H.R. Rookmaaker
Turner, Constable and John Ruskin - Trevor Hart
Art of the 19th century - H.R. Rookmaaker
The Impressionists - H.R. Rookmaaker
Art Sacré in France: Matisse, Chagall, Cocteau
Abstract Expressionism - Nigel Halliday
Spirituality & Abstraction in post-war Europe
Christ and Christianity in African American Art
Spirituality and/in 20th-Century Art - J. Evens
Ut pictura poesis? - Bruce Herman
Performance Art - Interview with Wayne Roosa
The Spirituality of the Artist-Clown - J. Evens
Damien Hirst and Liviu Mocan - Christopher Watkin