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Is there a Christian Architecture? - Daniel Lee

Is There A Christian Architecture?

Interview with Daniel Lee by Duncan Stroik

Duncan Stroik, associate professor of architecture at Notre Dame, asks architect Daniel Lee to share his views on contemporary Christian architecture.

January 23, 2002 / Daniel Lee is an architect in private practice in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, where he also serves as an elder at the Alexandria Presbyterian Church, PCA. The son of Protestant missionaries, he spent his childhood in Paris, France.

Following graduation from the Mississippi School of Architecture in 1981, he completed his professional internships in the south, working with the firm of Allan Greenberg, a noted classical architect, where he served as Project Architect for numerous civic, commercial, and residential projects. Mr. Lee´s office is presently completing a new 16,000 square foot Georgian manor house in Nashville, TN, among other projects. He was interviewed last fall by Duncan Stroik, associate professor of architecture at the University of Notre Dame.

Daniel, what is your analysis of Christian architecture today?