Quality is the first norm for art, but its final norm is love and truth, the enriching of human life, the deepening of our vision.


Ten Contemporary Christian Artists - James Romaine

Oh, how you will delight the angels!

by James Romaine

December 21, 2007
In the closing conversation of Gabriel Axel's film, Babette's Feast, Babette, formerly one of Paris's premier chefs, describes the impetus for her creative compulsion: "Throughout the world sounds one long cry from the heart of (every) artist . . . 'Give me a chance to do my best.' " This desire to realize one's imagination in material form echoes the vocational calling of the ten artists profiled below. Their faith is fundamental to their artistic visions as an invisible but ever present lens through which they behold the world. What they see through this prism is the subject of their art. Employing a diversity of visual strategies they deftly navigate complex personal, social, and theoretical issues. At a historical moment when society questions the form and function of art, their art is a breath of fresh air, both challenging and accessible to the viewer.