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Sarai Aser: Touched in the Heart

Touched in the Heart – Two Photos by Sarai Aser de Kruijf 

The plane crash of the MH 17, up to the corners of the world this tragedy touched people in the depth of their hearts. On July 17, everybody was glued to the TV, hungry and thirsty for truth and justice, because we as human beings cannot comprehend a tragedy like this. 

This artwork symbolizes the heart of the world that has been touched, and the hearts of all those who lost loved ones in this terrible tragedy. Black and white symbolizes good and evil, truth and falsehood, illusion and disillusion, despair and hope, doubt and certainty. 

Worldwide the press keeps searching for answers that it does not have. This photo portrays the pain and deep wounds as a battlefield. Including the most remote places in the world there is sympathy with the relatives of the victims of this tragedy. The hearts of many cry, groan and bleed. The red colour in this artwork symbolizes the pain of all relatives and victims. Their blood covered the site of the tragedy. Yellow stands for light, sun and hope. Hope that the relatives hope to find in the belongings of the victims. Hope to see them again, to touch and to meet in the afterlife. This is the hope that faith in God gives us, the power of faith to go on, as life does indeed go on. 


Sarai Aser was born in Chile. She is now living in The Netherlands, working fulltime as a photographer. For more information on her work see (the website of the Euro Latin Photographers Foundation which was started by Sarai).