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Recommended Journals
ARTS: The Arts in Religious and Theological Studies, 300 Fifth Street NW, New Brighton, MN 55112. The Journal for The Arts in Religious and Theological Studies (
Das Münster: Zeitschrift für christliche Kunst und Kunstwissenschaft, Verlag Schnell and Steiner, Leibnizstraße 13D-93055 Regensburg. 
Faith and Form: Journal of the Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art and Architecture, 3220 N Street NW, Suite 164, Washington, DC 20007.
Image: A Journal of the Arts and Religion, Seattle, WA, Centre for Religious Humanism. Quality articles and reviews particularly on literature and visual arts from a Christian perspective.
Radix, P. 0. Box 4307, Berkeley, CA 94704.
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