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Materials for Use in Churches - Trinity Sunday till Advent

Trinity Sunday - Earthly and Heavenly Trinity
Trinity Sunday - Holy Trinity by Lawrence Gingery
Trinity Sunday - Rothschild Canticles
Trinity Sunday - Andrej Rublev The Holy Trinity
Trinity Sunday - Hans Multscher The Holy Trinity
Trinity Sunday - Christen Mattix Church project
Trinity Sunday - Three in One by Paul Hobbs
Year B and C, Trinity Sunday - Tanner: Nicodemus
Year B, Pentecost 2 - The Sabbath
Year B, Proper 5 - An Evil Spirit Driven out
24 June - John the Baptist Geertgen tot St Jans
29 June - Conversion of Saul by Caravaggio
Year A, Proper 10 (15): The Sower by Van Gogh
Year B, Proper 12, The Feeding of the 5000
22 July - Mary Magdalene by El Greco
22 July - Mary Magdalen by Georges de la Tour
22 July - Penitent Magdalene by Donatello
Year B, Proper 17 - Pure and impure
Year B, Proper 18 - Julia Stankova: Healing
Year A, Proper 17 - Carol Aust
15 August - Dormition/Assumption of Mary by Zinon
Feast of Tabernacles - Freedom from Care
29 September - Wings by Michail Schnittmann
Yr C Pentecost 16 - Janknegt Rich man and Lazarus
Year B, Proper 22 (27) - Let the Children Come
October - Grain and Grape Harvest
Year A, Proper 25 - Psalm 1 Salvador Dali
Year B, Proper 25 - Bartimaeus
Reformation Sunday - Four Apostles by Dürer
Year B, Proper 26 - The Greatest Commandment
All Saints Day - Wassily Kandinsky
All Souls - New Jerusalem by Tanja Butler
All Souls - Damien Hirst
All Souls - Bottled Memories by Jason Dy
All Souls - Jeltje Hoogenkamp
November - Autumn Rhythm by Jackson Pollock
November - The Last Judgement by John Martin
November - The Last Judgment on Torcello
Sunday Christ the King - T. Butler Shepherd King