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Materials for Use in Churches - Lent through Pentecost

Lent - Symbols of Lent
Lent - The Angelus by Millet
Lent - Listen Lord
Ash Wednesday - Cross by Madeleine Dietz
Lent - Either/Or by Mark Sprinkle
Lent - Jonah in the Whale by Nic Jonk
Lent - The Penitent Magdalen by Georges de la Tour
Lent - Meditation by Bruce Herman
Lent - Installation by Madeleine Dietz
Lent - The Bread of Mercy by Safet Zec
Lent - Flora in Calix-Light by David Jones
Lent - Janknegt: The Rich Man and Lazarus
Lent - Crosses of Light by Ludger Hinse
Lent - J.L. by Berlinde De Bruyckere
Lent - Paul van Dongen Falling and Rising
Lent - Piss Christ by Andres Serrano
Lent - Beautiful Scandalous Night video
Lent Year A - C.Gonzales-Aden The Gestured Gospel
Lent 1 - Van de Woestijne Christ in the Desert
Lent 1 - Christ Tempted in Biblia Pauperum
Lent 2 - The Transfiguration by A.K. Olayinka
Lent 2 - The Transfiguration by Aidan Hart
Lent 3 - Jesus and the Samaritan Woman
Year B, Lent 3 - F. Peter Cleansing of Temple
Lent 4 - Healing of Blind Man by Gijs Frieling
Lent 5 - Raising of Lazarus by Roger Wagner
Lent 5 - Raising of Lazarus by Van Gogh
Lent 5 - Lazarus and Good Samaritan
Lent 4 - The Ear of Wheat
25 March - The Annunciation by Rembrandt
25 March - Annunciation by Rogier van der Weyden
Year B, Lent 6 - The Ointment of Nard by Arcabas
Lent - Evil (Until) by Philip McMullen
Palm Sunday - Entry into Jerusalem by Wasili Wasin
Palm Sunday - Palmsonntag by Anselm Kiefer
Palm Sunday - Entry into Jerusalem by Giotto
Lent - Christ among the Women by Schmidt-Rottluff
Maundy Thursday - Vincent van Gogh
Maundy Thursday - Alan Stewart: The Blind Jesus
Maundy Thursday - Last Supper by Stanley Spencer
Maundy Thursday - Getsemane Book of Kells
Maundy Thursday - Last Supper by Margaret Ackland
Maundy Thursday - In Gethsemane by Gloria Ssali
Maundy Thursday: The Last Supper L. by da Vinci
Maundy Thursday - The Last Supper by Zane Lang
Maundy Thursday - Petra Zantingh: Getsemane
Maundy Thursday - Stay. Pray. by Mayr Boros
Maundy Thursday and Good Friday: Manuel Reanda
Good Friday - Pilate Washing his Hands by Preti
Good Friday - Ecce Homo by Honoré Daumier
Good Friday - Mark Wallinger: Ecce homo
Good Friday - Pilate by Luc-Peter Crombé
Good Friday - Historical Models of the Cross
Good Friday - Jesus Mocked by Manet
Good Friday - Whipping of Christ, Brazil
Good Friday - Frederick Wight Modern Crucifixion
Good Friday - Crucifixion by Matthias Grünewald
Good Friday - Canadian Stations of the Cross
Good Friday - Stations by Norman Adams
Good Friday - Via Crucis by Constanza Lopez
Good Friday - Ed Knippers: Sacrifice
Good Friday - Dominik Schleicher: Abused
Good Friday - Elevation of the Cross by Rubens
Good Friday - Christ Crucified on a Baobab Tree
Good Friday - Agnus Dei by Willem Zijlstra
Good Friday - Christ on the Cold Stone
Good Friday - Leviathan by Herrad von Landsberg
Good Friday - Crucifixion by Giacomo Manzu
Good Friday - Fra Angelico: The Crucifixion
Good Friday - Matthew Passion by Manessier
Good Friday - Descent II by Christopher Clack
Good Friday - Menorah by Roger Wagner
Good Friday - Suite de Paques by Manessier
Good Friday - The Crucifixion by Grünewald
Good Friday - I am Thirsty by Sassandra
Good Friday - The Crucifxion by Dinah Roe Kendall
Good Friday - I am Thirsty, Lilian Moreno Sánchez
Good Friday - Seven Last Words Christ Tim Rollins
Good Friday - Dismas and Gismas (the two thiefs)
Good Friday - Florence Pieta by Michelangelo
Good Friday - Solo by Marlene Dumas
Good Friday - Crucifix by Rik Van Schil
Good Friday - De Zurbaran Crucifxion and a Painter
Good Friday - Beast of Burden by Laurence Edwards
Good Friday - Pietà by Johan Maelwael
Good Friday - Entombment by Michael Jepkes
Good Friday - The Centurion by Tim Harrold
Good Friday - Execution of Christ by Gao Zhen
Easter Eve - Dead Christ by Rosso Fiorentino
Good Friday - The Lamentation by G. De Crayer
Good Friday through Easter - Hans Memling
Good Friday through Easter - Sassandra: Ecce Homo
Holy Saturday - Peter Howson: Harrowing of Hell
Lent/Easter - Sarcophagus with Scenes of Passion
Easter - Christ in Limbo by Fra Angelico
Easter - Day appears at last by Redon
Easter - Stations of the Resurrection G. Dragoni
Easter - Resurrection Book by Sandra Bowden
Easter - Resurrection by Jeltje Hoogenkamp
Easter - Resurrection by Paul van Dongen
Easter - Grid Buster by Lynn Aldrich
Easter - Easter and Pentecost Installation
Easter - Resurrection of the Beloved, Deon Lemmer
Easter - Easter Morning by Caspar David Friedrich
Easter - Reboot Universe by Ryan Laughlin
Easter - Riven Tree by Bruce Herman
Easter - John and Peter by Eugene Burnand
Easter - Giorgio A. Calò Resurrection
Easter - John Giuliani: Compassionate Christ
Easter - Easter installation by Grete Refsum
Easter - Resurrection by Marko Ivan Rupnik
Easter - Small Still Birth by Polly Morgan
Easter - The Risen Christ by Rembrandt
Easter - Emergence by Bill Viola
Easter - Still by Alison Watt
Easter - The Jonah marbles, third century
Easter - The Resurrection by Rubens
Easter - Alma Thomas: Resurrection
Easter - The Gardener by Helen Sheriff
Easter - Jean-Léon Gérôme: Jerusalem
Easter - Jesus as the new David, Cassiodorus
Easter - Noli me tangere icon by E. Tzanes
Easter - Zéphyrin Lendogno: Mary Magdalene
Easter - George Minne: Three women at the grave
Easter 2 - On the Way to Emmaus by Yuko Matsuoka
Easter 2 - Did not our Hearts Burn within Us
Easter 2 - Emmaus by Manfred Hartmann
Easter 2 - Risen Christ at Emmaus by John Piper
Easter 2 - The Supper at Emmaus by Rembrandt
Easter 2 - Stil life and Emmaus by Frans Snyders
Easter 3, Year C - Raphael: Feed my Lambs
Ascension - The Ascension by Rembrandt
Ascension - The Ascension by Rembrandt 2
Ascension - Ngambuny Ascends by Shirley Purdy
Ascension - Ascension by Henry Shelton
Ascension - Evacuation by Tyrus Clutter
Ascension - Anish Kapoor
Ascension - Early Christian Ivory plaque
Ascension - French, 16th century
Pentecost - Images for the Spirit
Pentecost - The Holy Spirit by Soichi Watanabe
Pentecost - Tilting at Giants by Dayton Castleman
Pentecost - Year Column by Dietrich Stalmann
Pentecost - Boaz and Ruth by Karin Kraus
Pentecost - Pentecost Icon
Pentecost - Pentecost by Pieter van der Borcht II
Pentecost - The Spirit Searches by Donna Shasteen
Pentecost - Michelangelo and the Finger of God
Pentecost - Pentecost by Arnulf Rainer
Pentecost - The Dreamer by Gerhard Knell
Pentecost - Pentecost by Andrew Wyeth
Pentecost - Pentecost by Makoto Fujimura
Pentecost - Pentecost by Sieger Köder
Pentecost - The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel