The hint half guessed, the gift half understood, is Incarnation T.S. Eliot

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Materials for Use in Churches - Advent through Epiphany

Advent - Sanda Iliescu: Angel Crying, with Hope
Advent - Until He Comes and Barbara de Reus
Advent - iThemba (Tower of Hope) by r1.
Advent - Lux Nova by Bernd Nestler
Advent - W. Holman Hunt: The Light of the World
Advent - Company New Heroes: We Light Amsterdam
Advent - Light of the World Filippo Rusuti
Advent - Butterfly by Anna Mgaloblishvili
Advent - M.Schuurman: The other side of the door
Advent - The Last Judgement by Marc Mulders
Advent - The Last Judgement by John Martin
Advent - Woman with Balance by Johannes Vermeer
Advent - Ethiopian Illuminated Gospel
Advent - The Shepherd King by Tanja Butler
Advent 1 - Eduardo Kingman: Procession
Year C, Advent 1 - Howard Finster
Advent - Michael F. Gilfedder: Blauwe Madonna
Advent - Scott Cairns: Redeeming the Time
Advent - De Gelder and Rembrandt: Simeon and Anna
Advent - Nora Gallagher: To Live in Longing
Advent - Rouault: The Old King
Advent - Christ and His Mother by Tanner
Advent - W. Vander Lugt: Advent and Receptivity
Advent - Lakwena Maciver: Imagine Eternity
Advent - The Peacable Kingdom by Edward Hicks
Advent - The Angelus by Millet
December 6 - Saint Nicholas by Nicholas Mynheer
Advent - Nicodemus by Henry Ossawa Tanner
Advent - Advent by Gerda Smelik
Advent - Annunciation Ludovica Rambelli Teatro
Advent - The Life of Christ by Keith Haring
Advent - Annunciation by Gerhard Richter
Advent - Annunciation, Paula Modersohn-Becker
Advent - The Annunciation by Rembrandt video
Advent - Anunciación by Alfonso Arana
Advent - Mats Rehnman: Annunciation
Advent - Michael Triegel Annunciation
Advent - The Annunciation - four short videos
Advent - The Annunciation by Rembrandt
Advent - Annunciation by senggih (Henk Krijger)
Advent - Magnificat by Timur Poerwowidagdo
Advent - The Visitation by Luca della Robbia
Advent - The Visitation by Margaret Parker
Advent - The Visitation by Pontormo
Advent - J. de Ribera: Adoration of the Shepherds
Advent - The Visitation by Romare Bearden
Advent - Murillo: The Birth of St. John the Baptis
Advent - The Promise by Renata Fuciková
Advent - Virginity by Sarai Aser
Advent - Mary the Chalice by Michelle Arnold Paine
Advent - Pranas Domsaitis Journey to Bethlehem
Advent - Word of Light by Corinne Vonaesch
Advent - Clementine Hunter
Advent - Sacrament by Alastair Gordon
Advent - The Christ Hymn by Alana Levandoski
Year C, Advent 4 - J. Pontormo and Bill Viola
Advent - Arent Weevers: Triptych
Advent 4 - Madonna of the Cross M. Brocklesby
Advent and Christmas - God with Us
Advent - Deborah Sokolove: Considering Incarnation
Advent - Jaume Plensa: Doors of Jerusalem
Advent - Isaiah 9:6 by Samuel Buri
Advent - Windows by Clement Heaton in Bex
Christmas Eve - Kneeling Animals by David Jones
Christmas - Egbert Modderman: Lodging Strangers
Christmas - Frans Franciscus - care for the earth
Christmas - John - In the Beginning by Fujimura
Christmas - Across the River by William Kurelek
Christmas - Emmanuel Garibay: Home
Christmas - Dutch cut-out from 19th century
Christmas - Nativity by Brian Kershisnik
Christmas - Christmas Eve by Matisse
Christmas - Adoration of the Shepherds by Mantegna
Christmas - Rembrandt: The Shepherds
Christmas - Madonna of the Woods by C. Epaminonda
Christmas - Nativity by Night G. tot Sint Jans
Christmas - Henri Matisse: Mother and Child
Christmas - Poem Luci Shaw about Botticelli
Christmas - C. Schulz Charlie Browns Christmas
Christmas - Nativity by Carol Aust
Christmas - The Madonna in Blue by Yasuo Ueno
Christmas - Adoration of Shepherds by Van der Goes
Christmas - Animated film by Mikhail Aldashin
28 December - Flight into Egypt
New Years Eve - Video with paintings by Carol Aust
New Years Eve - Interwoven by Janpeter Muilwijk
New Years Eve - The Stages of Life C.D. Friedrich
New Years Eve - Aureole by Hans Thomann
1 January - Circumcision of Jesus by Rembrandt
Epiphany - Adoration of the Kings Vincenzo Foppa
Epiphany - Adoration of the Magi by Botticelli
Epiphany - Adoration of the Magi by Botticelli 2
Adoration of the Magi - Fra Angelico and Fra Lippi
Epiphany - Portinari Altar by Hugo van der Goes
Epiphany - Dream of the three kings Gislebertus
Epiphany - The Spring by Liviu Mocan
Epiphany - Adoration of the Magi by Nanias Maira
Epiphany - Baptism of Jesus by Ivana Demchuk
25 January - Conversion of Saul by Caravaggio
Year B, Epiphany 3 - Dick Tulp Calling of Andrew
Year B, Epiphany 4 - Healing of a Possessed Man
2 February - Simeon and Anna, De Gelder, Rembrandt
2 February - Simeon by Rembrandt
Year B, Epiphany 7 - Egbert Modderman: Paralysed
YearC, Epiphany 8 - Dutch tile about speck and log