Quality is the first norm for art, but its final norm is love and truth, the enriching of human life, the deepening of our vision.

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Articles Church and Art - Art in Church and Worship

Altar installation Penny Dunstan - Rod Pattenden
Art and Pastoral Ministry - Jason Dy
Art and Worship in Reformed Tradition - G. Wheeler
Banners and Paraments - Doreen Kellogg
Calvin, the Arts and Worship - Colin Harbinson
Candle Holder by G. Babetto - Jonathan Evens
Chapel in Louvain-La-Neuve - Koenraad De Wolf
Christ in Hackney by Marc Cazalet - John Pridmore
Christen Mattix and Orcas Island Community Church
Church installation - Dayton Castleman
Considering Incarnation - Deborah Sokolove
Contemporary Art in British Churches - J. Evens
Contemporary Commissions - Jonathan Evens
Discipling the Eyes Through Art - David Taylor
Duo Empfangshalle - High Altar Reredos
Emmaus Mosaic by John Piper - Jonathan Evens
Finnish Church Art - Maija Paavilainen
Gallery Spaces in Churches - G.J. MacDonald
Graham Sutherland - Victoria Emily Jones
How to Commission Visual Art
In Loving Memory Installation - Jason K. Dy
Installation by Madeleine Dietz - Patrik Scherrer
Jake Lever Soul Boats - Meryl Doney
Laurence Edwards Altarpiece - by Meryl Doney
Letter to Artists - Pope John Paul II
Matisse and his chapel in Vence - Willem de Vink
Meditation cloth by Solomon Raj - Jojanneke Dekker
Meditations on Christ and the Seasons - J. Skeen
Murals in Beslan Church, Russia - Oksana Golovko
New memorial Places in Dutch Churches- M Hengelaar
Preaching and the Arts - Catherine Kapikian
Release by Olga Lah - Edward Yang
Resources on the Web - Ron Riemstra
Restoring the Arts to the Church - C. Harbinson
Sacred Space and Contemporary Art - Grete Refsum
Tapestry by Janpeter Muilwijk - W. Peene
Textile Mosaic for Meditation - Mayr Boros
The Arts in your Church - Fiona Bond
The Gestured Gospel for Lent - Elizabeth Khorey
The Transformation of Worship Spaces - W Dyrness
The Vatican and Contemporary Art- Judith Harris
Visual Arts in Worship - Joan Huyser-Honig
Visuals for Worship - C. Stoffel Overvoorde
Year Column by Dietrich Stalmann - Patrik Scherrer