Quality is the first norm for art, but its final norm is love and truth, the enriching of human life, the deepening of our vision.

Christianity and Art



Arts+, Münchenstein. Culture section of the Schweizerischen Evangelischen Allianz (SEA), the evangelical alliance. Brings together artists of all disciplines. Supports artists and promotes art in church and society. Each year they give out the Kulturpreis PrixPlus. (D)
Crescendo Artists - Inspirée du mouvement Crescendo international, fondé en 1985 par Airi et Beat Rink à Bâle, Crescendo Artists (CA) est une association culturelle non-profit basée à Lutry, qui vise à créer des projets où les arts, la spiritualité et la solidarité se rencontrent. Pour nos projets, nous collaborons avec des artistes locaux qui s'identifient avec la vision de notre association. En tant que fondateur, Dan Marginean souhaite désormais favoriser la récurrence de ces projets et cela, dans le but final de créer une communauté dynamique et investie à travers la Suisse Francophone. Cultes Artistiques: Cultes différents qui intègrent plusieurs types d’expressions artistiques de qualité qui valorisent la beauté au service de l’Evangile.
Jura Vitraux. Extensive website about old and contemporary windows in churches in the Swiss Jura. 
Orgues et Vitraux. Website with a lot of information about organs worldwide and windows especially in Switzerland and France. (F)
Schweizerischer Fachverband für Glasmalerei – Association professional Suisse du vitrail. Professional organisation for glass artists. With an elaborate website. (F, D)
Soul Works Foundation. Soul Works Foundation aims at the support and advancement of art to the benefit of society and the honour of God. Soul Works Foundation wants to promote a high standard of excellence. It has set up a sponsoring concept for artists. Until 2009 SWF had its own gallery/atelier. Sculptor Bryan Haab is its founder and president. (D)
St. Lukasgesellschaft für Kunst und Kirche. Large ecumenical organisation for visual artists, architects, theologians, art historians, etc. Publishes journal Forum Kunst und Kirche. Links to websites of many artists and organizations. (D)
Vitrocentre, Au Château, Case postale 225, Romont. Centre Suisse de Recherche sur le Vitrail et les Arts du Verre. Swiss Research Centre for windows and glass art. (F)
Ecole Superior de Vitrail et de Creation Sion, 61 Rue de Manege. Subjects: Ceramics and glass/windows. 
Ecole de Vitrail et de creation, Monthey. The Stained Glass Arts and Fine Arts College, Monthey. The Stained Glass Arts and Fine Arts College focuses on all aspects of stained and plate glass arts. Open to all, the College’s courses promote both technical and artistic development. (E, F, Jap)
Kompetenzzentrum Liturgik Bern, part of the Theological Faculty of the University of Bern, focusing on liturgical studies, homiletics, hymnology and church aesthetics concerning the liturgy in Reformed and Catholic churches in their ecumenical, interreligious and intercultural relationships. (D)
BART, Journal for Art and God(D). Two issues per year. Deals with contemporary art from an open Christian perspective. Introduction of artists and essays about art, society and faith. (D)
Crescendo Magazine (D, E). Appears three times a year. It examines a variety of topics relevant to Christian musicians and artists and gives updates of the ways God is at work in the music world. Crescendo is an independent branch of the inter-denominational movement Campus Crusade for Christ / Agape Europe. It now has full-time, part-time and volunteer staff members in over 10 countries. The international office is located in Liestal, Switzerland. (D, E)
Forum Kunst und Kirche (D). Ecumenical journal of theSt. Lukasgesellschaft für Kunst und Kirche.Wants to serve artists, architects, art historians and theologians. The journal appears also as pdf on the website. (D)
- La Pomme d’Or, Bourg-de-Four 22. Byzantine and Post-Byzantine art, icons of the 14th-19th century, Byzantine jewellery of the 6th-14th century.
- Espace Fusterie, Place de la Fusterie 18. Expositions organized by the Eglise protestante de Genève.
- Church Treasure of the monastery of Beromünster in the church of the monastery.
- Dom Treasure. Artworks from the cathedral and monastery St. Luzi stemming from 1500 years of cultural history. At the moment the cathedral museum is being resored and is the collection on view in the Rätische Museum.
- Collection of the Benedictine abbey of Disentis in the abbey.
- Collection of the monastery in Einsiedeln. Paintings, sculptures, religious folk art.
- The Treasury of the Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Fribourg. 
- Musée International de la Réforme. Paintings and documents make visible the ideas of the Reformation. (F, E)
- Eugène Burnand Museum, Rue du Chateau 48, Moudon. Museum about the Swiss naturalistic painter and graphic artist Eugène Burnand (1850-1921) with among others works about biblical subjects.
- Museum Bruder Klaus Sachseln, Dorfstrasse 4, Sachseln. With works about the medieval hermit Bruder Klaus and religious works. Also changing exhibitions. (D)
Sankt Gallen:   
- Museum of the monastery in Stift Sankt Gallen.
- Treasury of the monastery of Saint-Maurice in the monastery. (F, E)
- Diocesan Museum (Musée de l’Evêché), cathedral treasury, Place de la Planta, Sion.
- Dom Treasure in the St. Ursen Cathedral. A Reichenauer manuscript from 983, golden objects and liturgical robes from the Middle Ages till the Baroque, sculptures.
Val Mustair:
- Convent Museum at the St. Johann convent, which is on the World Heritage list. (E, It, D, R)