Quality is the first norm for art, but its final norm is love and truth, the enriching of human life, the deepening of our vision.

Christianity and Art



l’Abri, Eck en Wiel and Utrecht.l'Abri is a place where people can come with their questions about faith and life. A lot of attention is given to the questions provoked by our time and culture. Theme-weekends, lectures, film discussions. An annual art week. (NL,E) 
AKKV. Ecumenical artists association. Members are also member of  SIAC (Société Internationale des Artistes Chrétiens). For artists and art lovers. For all of the arts. (NL)      
Arsprodeo. Website with contemporary Christian art for churches and individuals of the CNV-Kunstenbond Vakgroep Kunst en Cultuur. (NL) 
Bijbel en cultuur. About the influence of the Bible on Dutch culture, in the past and present. With many images of works of old and contemporary Dutch and Belgian artists, Jewish, Christian or not. (NL)
Christian Artists Europe. The International Association of Christian Artists (Christian Artists Europe) annually organises a European conference in the Netherlands for Christians in all of the arts. (NL,E,D,F) 
KORF. An association of artists from a ‘reformatorische’ background. Organises lectures, expositions and excursions. (NL)
Helikon, Utrecht. National art-historical institute for religion in art and culture. Courses, lectures, excursions and travels which focus on the religious background of the artists. (NL) 
Instituut voor Christelijk Cultureel Erfgoed van de RU Groningen. Has an archive of ca. 3000 old and contemporary, Protestant and Catholic churches in the Netherlands. (NL)
Odigia Ikonen Instituut. Conserves and studies icons and organises exhibitions. Website with a lot of information. (NL) 
Platform Kerk en Kunst. This platform of various organizations active in the area of the church and the visual arts aims to encourage and stimulate the integration of the arts in the life of congregations. It connects artists and churches and organizes symposiums and exhibitions.  
Prof. Dr G. van der Leeuw Stichting, meeting centre of church and art with an open eye to what is happening in contemporary culture. (NL)
Stichting ART FOR ALL. Artists go to areas of war and poverty to give children the opportunity to express themselves artistically. (NL,E)
Stichting Docete publishes visual materials for Bible and religion teachers and publishes cards and posters with contemporary religious art. Series of slides, e.g. by Kees de Kort are distributed all over the world. (NL)
Stichting Eikonikon, Amsterdam. Gives information about icons and icon painting courses inside and outside The Netherlands. Publishes the journal Eikonikon. (NL,E)  
Vermeulen Brauckman Stichting. Supports cultural projects within the Dutch language zone that let the Bible speak in new ways. Issues an annual award together with Museum Catharijneconvent. (NL)  


Free University Amsterdam
- Professor Wessel Stoker is Emeritus Professor of Theological Aesthetics. Specialization religion and modern and contemporary art. (NL)
- Prof. Marcel Barnard is Professor of Liturgical Studies. (NL) 
- The Institute for Ritual and Liturgical Studies (Irilis) of the Protestant Theological University (PThU) in Amsterdam.

University of Amsterdam
- Prof. Patrick Chatelion Counet is professor of the Bible in Dutch culture. 

University of Groningen
- Centre for Religion and Heritage, University of Groningen. The Centre was established to promote scholarly exchange, train future professionals, advise external stakeholders and engage in public outreach work in this topical and highly contested field. Its projects and events provide a resource for scholars and students, heritage organizations and government, as well as anyone interested in the connection of religion and heritage. The CRH is the successor of the Institute for Christian Cultural Heritage, which has contributed to heritage work in the Netherlands over many years. Building on a longterm engagement with Christian heritage, the Centre draws on the research strengths of affiliated staff in ancient, Islamic, Jewish and Buddhist religious history as well as in theoretical investigations of the secularism and the post-secular. (NL, E) 
- Minor Bible and culture. About the reception of the Bible and apocryphical and early Christian literature in the visual arts; Christian iconography; and the role of the Bible in Dutch culture. (NL)

Radboud University Nijmegen 
-  Prof. S. L. de Blaauw is professor of the history of Early Christian Art and Architecture.
http:// (NL)

University of Utrecht 
- Prof. dr. Johan Goud is Professor in Theological Aesthetics at the Religious Studies and Theology Department.

Eikonikon (NL), journal about icons and making icons. (NL)
Jaarboek voor liturgie-onderzoek (NL,E,D), published by the Instituut voor Christelijk Cultureel Erfgoed Groningen and the Instituut voor Liturgische en Rituele Studies in Tilburg.The journal concerns itself with the study of Christian liturgy in all traditions, in all ages and all its facets: music, texts, architecture, iconography and ritual studies. Can also be read digitally. (NL, E, D)
Laetare. Journal for liturgy and church music, paying attention to church architecture and art in churches. (NL)
Online galerie:
- ArsProDeo. Liturgical art. This includes autonomous as well as applied art, consisting of contemporary translations of Christian themes and symbols. For churches but also for individuals.
- Expositions in the Bergkerk Dr. Abraham Kuyperlaan 2, Amersfoort. (NL)
- Expositions in the St. Joriskerk. (NL)
- Expositions in the Noorderkerk. (NL)
- Expositions in Linnaeuskerk Amsterdam.
- Expositions in Thomaskerk, Amsterdam, Prinses Irenestraat 36, Amsterdam. (N)
- Morsink Icons, Keizersgracht 454, 1016 GE Amsterdam. (E)
- Galerie Tóth – Icons, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 68, Amsterdam. The gallery is specialized in Russian icons from 16th till 19th century. The collection consists of traditional wooden icons and a large selection of brass travelling icons. (E)
- Exposition space De Schuur, Groot Oever 14, Balkbrug. Expositions in private exposition room of the painter Maarten ’t Hart. Maarten 'T Hart – Beeldend Kunstenaar ( (NL)
- Exposition room in the office of the Nederlands Dagblad daily Christian newspaper, Hermesweg 20 in Barneveld.
- Galerie Iwema, Ikonen, Reigerlaan 49, Beilen, phone for appointment to see the collection (tel. 06.29368984).
- Kunsthuis Marc Chagall; Prins Bernhardlaan 37, Bergen. (NL,E)
- Martinikerk. With expositions. (NL)
- Galerie-Studio Aafke Holman, Herestraat 2. Open Saturdays 12.00 – 17.00.  
- Zoetmulder-Icons, Kampveld 1 (corner Wateringsevest), 2611 DA Delft. Gallery for icons. (NL, E, Ru)
- Gallery Jan Kooistra, Diepswal 3, Dokkum. Fri: 14.00 - 17.00 and 19.00 - 21.00, Sa: 14.00 - 17.00.
- Expositions at the Christelijke Hogeschool Ede (Christian college), Oude Kerkweg 100, Ede. (NL,E)
- Gallery/museum of the St. Adelbertabdij, Vennewatersweg 27 of Abdijlaan 26. Open Monday / Saturday 10.30-16.30. Permanent and changing exhibitions. 
- Expositions in the St. Janskerk. (NL,E)
- Synagogue Groningen; changing expositions. (NL)
- Farm gallery the Ossenberg, Singelweg 11, Grijpskerke. (NL)
- Expositions in the Sint Bavo.
- Behind the church H. Joannes de Doper is a garden of over 2 acres. In this garden many herbs, plants and trees grow which are also mentioned in the Bible. Also on show are 40 sculptures of biblical and inspiring persons, from the Haarlemmermeer artist Karel Gomes. In addition the garden has a labyrinth. (NL)
- Expositions in the synagogue, Jan van Arkelstraat 4.
- Galerie van Driel, Burgwal 96, Kampen, with works by five members of this family of artists: Daan sr., Jan, Cees, Daan jr. en Nini van Driel. Call before visiting. (NL)
- Expositions in the Grote of Jacobijnerkerk. (NL)
- Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery International, Markstraat 4-6/Gasthuisstraat 3-6, Ootmarsum. Work of Ton Schulten and guests. With book gallery and sculpture garden. (NL, En, D)
- Gallery-studio Annemiek Punt, Kloosterstraat 5, Ootmarsum. Glass art, also windows. (NL, E)
- Kruiswegpark (Stations of the cross). The park, next to pilgrimage center Kapel in 't Zand, was completed in 1928 designed by the famous architect from the town of Roermond dr. Pierre Cuypers and has ornamental chapels, with in them marble statues of the sculptor Karel Lücker. In addition there are contemporary paintings portraying the lives of mission veterans and their homefront. (NL, E, F, D)
- Expositions in the Laurenskerk. (NL)
The Hague:
- Permanent icons exposition of the painter Hans Verweij in the town monastery, Westeinde 101 The Hague. Open on request. (NL)
 Galerie 44, Molenstraat 44, The Hague has expositions with a spiritual and often Christian character. Open: Wednesday 13:30-17:00, Saturday 13:00-17:00.
- Expositions in the Heuvelse kerk (Sint Jozefkerk), Heuvelring 122.
- Coffee and teahouse selling art KEEK, Twijnstraat 23, Utrecht. NL)
- Expositions in the head office and services center of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands, Joseph Haydnlaan 2a, Utrecht.
- Expositions in the Dom. (NL,E)


- Expositions in the Nicolaikerk, next to the Centraal Museum. (NL)
- Expositions in the library of the monastery.
- Atelier Gootjes, Klooienberglaan 275, Zwolle. Gallery of Jan Pieter and Ludie Gootjes.
- Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam. The Jewish Historical Museum collects and shows objects and artworks that reflect the religion, culture and history of Jews in the Netherlands and its former colonies. (NL,E)
- Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder. This hidden church 'in the attic' was built during the Reformation, when Catholics were forbidden to hold public services. A unique hidden church, complete with galleries, a large altar and around 150 seats. The museum has a magnificent collection of paintings, sculpture and silver providing an overview of Catholic history in Amsterdam. (NL,E)
- Rembrandthuis. House where Rembrandt lived. With graphic work and paintings by Rembrandt and his contemporaries and predecessors. (NL,E)
- The Van Gogh Museum. (NL, E, D, F, Sp, I, Jap)
- Breda’s Museum with old Christian art. In the episcopal collection of the Breda's Museum objects of popular devotion are especially well represented. (NL)
- Beguinage Breda museum. Beguine houses, church and herb garden and expositions. It is part of the Breda’s Museum. (NL)
- The Vermeer Centre Delft gives an overview of all Vermeer’s paintings (reproductions) and tells you about his life and way of working. (in Dutch and English). (NL, E)
Den Bosch:
- The Jheronimus Bosch Art Center with reproductions of his paintings and a library with books about his work. (NL,E)
-  Sint Jan's Museum, with sculpture from the St. Jan from the 13th - 20th century. Also about the history of the cathedral.
- Museum de Wieger about the group of artists that worked in Deurne, a unique collection of works made in the period between the two world wars. In Deurne lived Gerrit van Bakel, Otto van Rees and the medical doctor-painter Hendrik Wiegersma. (NL)
- Gallery/Museum of the St. Adelbertabdij, Vennewatersweg 27 of Abdijlaan 26. Permanent exhibition of archeological finds, work by Vytautas Kaunas and changing expositions. (NL)
- Sand Sculptures in Elburg with ca 150 lifesize sculptures about social themes, church history and biblical stories made by the world top of sand sculptors. Open seven days a week. 
- Kijk-je kerk-kunst is a religious museum housed in the crypt of the Sint-Martinuskerk. With nun’s dolls, a large collection of statues of Mary and tapestries. Open during the summer in the weekends and on Sundays from Advent till January with a Christmas exposition.
Volkenkundig Museum Gerardus van der Leeuw in Groningen (belongs to the Faculty of theology and religious studies of the University of Groningen). Expositions.
- KathedraalMuseum, Leidsevaart 146, Haarlem belongs to the Nieuwe Bavo (Kathedrale Basiliek St.Bavo). The museum opened in 2016 with the collection of the old treasury and an exhibition of work by Jan Dibbets.
Marius van Dokkum Museum, Academiestraat 7, Harderwijk. Paintings by Marius van Dokkum.
Horst aan de Maas:
- Treasury St. Lambertuskerk, St. Lambertusplein 16, Horst aan de Maas. Sculptures, paraments, silver and liturgical objects.
- Wilhelmietenmuseum in West-Brabant with a collection of icons, housed in the former Wilhelmieten convent 'Ste. Marie'.
- Ikonenmuseum, Buiten Nieuwstraat 2 te Kampen. Russian icons. NL)
- Bijbelmuseum Leerdam, Lingedijk 36. Hundreds of old Dutch bibles, Catholic, Lutheran, Reformed and Anabaptist printed between 1538 – 1950. Also illustrated bibles. (NL,E)
- Treasury Onze Lieve Vrouwebasiliek, O.L. Vrouweplein 7, Maastricht.
With art for the church through the ages.
- Treasury Sint Servaasbasiliek, Keizer Karelplein 6, Maastricht. A treasury full of tradition, history, religious culture and architecture.
- Comenius Museum with a permanent exposition about Comenius, changing expositions and the Comenius Mausoleum with his grave. Comenius was a17th-century Czech pedagogue, philosopher and theologian who spent the last years of his life in Amsterdam. (NL)
- Museum Park Orientalis, Nijmegen. Take a trip through the world of the three holy books by visiting the open-air museum in Heilig Landstichting. After visiting the introductory exhibition 'When God was still a writer' in the indoor museum, you can walk round the outdoor museum, and experience the scents of the Arabian souk and the peace and quiet, or hustle and bustle of the desert Bedouin camp, before moving on to the Roman street to get a taste of what life was like in those days. (NL, E, D)
- Vincentre and Van Gogh Village. Vincent van Gogh Centre, which shows how Van Gogh lived and worked from 1883-1885 in Nuenen. (NL,E)
- Museum de Pelgrim, Hofmeijerstraat 1-3. Liturgical robes and objects, relics.
- Museum Ton Schulten, Kerkplein 16-17, Ootmarsum. (NL, E, D)
- Museum for plain glass- and enamelart, Marktstraat 22, Ravenstein. The museum gives an overview of glass art (only two-dimensional: leaded windows, glass fusing, applied glass) in the Netherlands. In addition the museum gives an oversight of enamel art (panels, objects, jewellery) in the Netherlands and abroad with changing exhibitions. The museum is unique in the Netherlands and one of the few in this field in Europe. Also about church windows. (NL)
- Ecclesiastical Museum Slenaken, Dorpsstraat 12, Slenaken. Liturgical objects, sculptures, devotional objects.
- Treasury Helige Amelberga, Basiliek, Salvatorplein, Susteren.
Ter Apel:
- Museum for monastic and ecclesiastical history and religious art in Ter Apel Domus Novae Lucis (medieval monastery). Also contemporary art. NL)
- Museum for Religious Art. Art from the Middle Ages till now. Also modern and contemporary religious art, e.g. Frans Verhaak, Albert Troost and De Tilburgse School. (NL)
- Museum Catharijneconvent. The permanent collection of Museum Catharijneconvent comprises unique historical and art-historical exhibits ranging from the early mediaeval period to the 21st century. This collection offers an insight into the Christian art and cultural history of the Netherlands and its influence on Dutch society. (NL, E)
- Museum Land van Valkenburg. Has a Charles Eyck room. Regularly expositions about catholic artists living in Limburg. (NL)
- Van Gogh House. Van Gogh lived and worked here during his time in Drenthe. (NL)
- Heiligenbeeldenmuseum Kranenburg, H. Antonius van Paduakerk, Ruurloseweg 101, Vorden. About saints and their statues. (NL)
- Gemeentemuseum (Municipal Museum) Weert, location Jacob van Horne, is housed in the former town hall on the Markt in Weert. Shows religious art with one of the best collections of old art of Limburg. Also about Franciscan art and culture. (NL)
- Museum De Weem, Abt Emopad 2 in Westeremden. (NL, D)
- Museum for Ecclesiastical Art. Liturgical robes, silverware, sculptures, paintings and other liturgical objects. Open in Summer. (NL)
- Vincent van Gogh Huis, museum about Van Gogh in the village of his birth. With information about Van Gogh and a growing collection of artworks. With expositions. (NL)