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Travel Tips

Germany South

Germany travel tips south – Frankfurt to Freiburg

From north to south
- Dom Museum. Liturgical robes and goldsmith objects from the 14th – 20th century. With exhibitions.
- Icons Museum Frankfurt.
- KunstKulturkirche Allerheiligen. 
- Museum Ufer with ethnographical museum with a lot about mission, calligraphical museum, Städel Museum with a lot of 17th-century art, Liebhaus Museum with art from antiquity.
- Frankfurt a.M- Niedererlenbach: recently built Catholic church.
- Exhibitions in Zentrum Verkündigung.
- Stiftsmuseum with art from the Roman time till the Baroque. With exhibitions.
- Stiftskirche
Bad Kissingen: 
- In the Herz Jesu Stadtpfarrkirche a series of windows by Georg Meistermann from the 1960’s.
- Klingspor Museum Offenbach, Museum for Modern International Book Art, Typography and Calligraphy, Herrnstraße 80, Offenbach am Main. The following areas are covered by the museum's collection: illustrated books, hand press printings, painter's books, artists' books, type font books, type specimens, and calligraphy. 
- Recently built Evangelische (Lutheran) Autobahnkirche Medenbach.
- Recently built Evangelische (Lutheran) church.
- The Georg-Meistermann-Museum. With paintings, graphic works, drawings and designs for windows by Georg Meistermann, who was one of the most important glass artists of the 20th century. He created more than 1000 windows in ca. 250 churches and other buildings all over Europe.
- Episcopal Dom and Diocesal Museum. Paintings and sculpture from the 14th – 20th century, Ottonian manuscripts, medieval goldsmith work. With exhibitions.
- Exhibitions in the Auferstehungskirche.
- In the Sint-Stephanskirche windows by Marc Chagall.
- In the Hessische Landesmuseum there are seven rooms designed by Joseph Beuys.
- Exhibitions in the Johanneskirche.
- In 1999-2001 built Catholic Haus der Stille (House of Silence). 
– The abbey Königsmünster (1964) with a beautiful church (1964).
- Episcopal Museum, Windstraße 6-8, Trier.
- Exhibitions in the Bergkirche St. Peter.
- The Evangelische (Lutheran) Kreuzkirche in 2008 was given a beautiful new interior designed by Sonja Weber.
- In the St Laurentiuskirche in Ebern the triptych Das Wort Gottes (about Paul) by Michael Triegel.
- Bamberg Diocesal Museum, Domkapitelhaus, Bamberg.
- Dom Treasury St. Petri. Religious art from the late Middle Ages, liturgical objects, paintings, sculptures and devotional objects. With exhibitions.
- Carthusian Museum Astheim. The museum tells about the history of the religious use of images. More than 600 artworks from the 14th – 19th century, also folk art.
- Dom Treasure. With liturgical objects.    
In a side chapel (Sepultur) of the Dom there is a cycle of windows by Georg Meistermann from 1956 based on the Christian calendar.   
- Museum at the Dom. With artworks of the 10th – 21st century, with a focus on the 16th and 20th centuries. Also contemporary art. With exhibitions. 
- In the Mainfränkisches Museum in the Marienberg citadel the largest collection (81 pieces) of the work of Tilman Riemenschneider can be found. 
- Kath. Pfarrkirche St. Alfons Würzburg: mural 'The heavenly Liturgy' (1954) of 10 x 20 m. by Georg Meistermann (1911-1990).
- In the Catholic St. Johanniskirche an altar piece with John the Baptist by Jacques Gassmann.
- Carthusian Museum. About the life of the Carthusian monks and with religious art from this area from 1945. the painter Karl Clobes worked here. Beside his paintings work is shown by Lothar Forster, Björn Hauschild, Curd Lessig, Otto Sonnleitner, Polykarp Uehlein, Helmut Weber, Franz Wilz and Jürgen Wolf.
- Lazaruskirche of the Nieder-Ramstädter Heime: windows by Dutch artist Kees de Kort about the Good Samaritan, the paralysed man and others (1990).
- Albrecht Dürer’s House.
- Germanisches Nationalmuseum with a highly rated collection of paintings and glass paintings of the 13th-15th c. including works by Albrecht Dürer, Hans Baldung Grien, Hans Burgkmair, Lukas Cranach and Rembrandt.
Rothenburg ob der Tauber:
- In the St. Jakobskirche the late gothic Holy-Blood-Altar (ca. 1501) by Tilman Riemenschneider (1460-1531).
- Museum for Sacred Art and Liturgy, Mozartstraße 33, Heidelberg.
- -In the Heiliggeist Kirche a window by Johannes Schreiter (the Physik-Fenster, 1984) and five windows by Hella De Santarossa about the work of the Holy Spirit in the world (1999-2001), and a window by Gottfried von Stockhausen (1967) about the Lamb and the seven seals from Revelation.
- Recently built Evangelische (Lutheran) church.
-Landeskirchliches Museum, Friedenskriche, Stuttgarterstr. 42, Ludwigsburg.
- Exhibitions in the Hospitalhof.
- Stations of the Cross by Franz Hämmerle, with an emphasis on the resurrection, consisting of 11 sculptures.
- Dom Treasure and Diocesal Museum. With paintings and sculptures from the late Middle Ages to the Baroque, golden objects from the 12th – 20th century, religious folk art. With exhibitions.
- Diocesal Museum St. Ulrich. With Gothic sculpture and a graphical collection from the 16th century – now. With exhibitions.          
- Dom Treasure Museum with 16th-century frescoes and goldsmith work and paraments from the 11th – 20th century. With exhibitions.                      
- Recently built Catholic church in Regensburg-Burgweinting.
- Iconengalerie Mönius, Hinter der Grieb 3, Regensburg. Gallery with Russian, Greek and Balkan icons. (D)
- Diocesal Museum, Karmeliterstr. 9, Rottenburg.
- In the St. Georg Church 12 windowsby Emil Wachter on the parables can be found.
- Diocesal Museum St. Afra with objects and art from the 6th - 20th  century. Explains historical, theological and art-historical connections. With exhibitions.
- Galerie von Külmer, Inhaber Philipp von Külmer Blücherstr. 42 86165 Augsburg. Greek and Russian icons.
- Diocesal Museum. Focus on art and history in relationship to society, science and religion. 
- Gallery of the DG, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für christliche Kunst, Wittelsbacherplatz 2, Munich. The DG is an independent cultural institution promoting contemporary art. It was founded in 1893, springing from the Catholic lay movement. The DG wants to be a forum for the dialogue between church and art, theologians, artists, philosophers and art lovers. Ecumenical. 
- KulturWertRaum, Senftlstr. 4, Munich, the space of Das RAD, a community of Christians in the arts, where expositions, lectures and other events take place.                    
– Exhibitions in the Katholische Akademie in Bayern, Kardinal Wendel Haus, Mandlstraße 23, Munich.
- Recently built ecumenical church St. Florian in München-Riem. Architect Florian Nagler (Munich), interior church by Hella Santarossa from Berlin.
- In the Sophienkirche in München-Riem altar, ambo and baptismal font by Madeleine Dietz.
- Hospital chapel in München-Harlaching designed by Werner Mally.
- Recently built Catholic church in München-Neuhausen.
- In the crypt of the Dom a Passion triptych by the Expressionistic 20th-century Catholic artist Karl Caspar.
- Pinakothek der Moderne. You can ask Patrik Scherrer for a guided tour in which he focuses on the religious content of artworks.
- Monastery Museum Ottobeuren. Artworks from the Gothic – Baroque periods. With a Baroque library, an abbey chapel from 1724, a theatre from 1725 and the special Emperor’s Hall from 1725. With exhibitions.
- Dom Treasure and Diocesal Museum.    
Altötting is an important place of pilgrimage devoted to Mary.
- Treasury of the Hl. Kappelle / Pilgrim- and regional museum, Kapellplatz 4b, Altötting.
- Jerusalem Panorama of the Crucifixion of Christ, Gebhard-Fugel-Weg 10, Altötting. 
- Pope Benedict XVI House. New Treasury and Pelgrimage Museum, Kapellplatz  4, Altötting.
Heudorf (near Mengen):
- Murals in the Catholic church of Heudorf by Karl Caspar (1879-1956), Catholic, professor at the Academy of Munich. He painted these murals around 1904, by many considered to be his best religious work from this period in which he was a member of the Stuttgart artist union. Besides this kind of commissions Karl Caspar painted and drew allegorical themes and landscapes.
- Altar of the Evangelische (Lutheran) St. Mangkirche by Werner Mally.
- 24 sculptures by Franz Gutmann along the sculpture trail in Münstertal. 
Freiburg (Breisgau):
- The Universitätskirche with cross by Franz Gutmann (1986).
- Recently built ecumenical church in Freiburg-Rieselfeld.
- The Maria Magdalena Kirche (2004), Catholic and Lutheran church. Architecta: Johannes Kister, Reinhard, Scheithauer and Susanne Gross.
- Augustinian Museum, Gerberau 15, Freiburg im Breisgau with art from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.
Kochel am See:
- Franz Marc Museum, Franz Marc Park 8-10. Devoted to the work of Franz Marc, with exhibitions about his contemporaries. 

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