Quality is the first norm for art, but its final norm is love and truth, the enriching of human life, the deepening of our vision.


Grimm, Erica - Image Artist of the Month

Erica Grimm-Vance

In Erica Grimm-Vance's paintings the human figure swims in a sea of Being: each gesture, each pose is richly evocative of the ancient but neglected idea of the unity of body and soul. Both her exquisite rendering of the figure and her encaustic technique (employing melted wax) bring a sense of warmth and affirmation to these works. But if Grimm-Vance sees creation as good, she also understands it as subject to sin and mortality. Her figures know suffering, limitation, longing. So it is no surprise that her muse is Simone Weil, the French mystic who wrote so compellingly about the spirituality of "affliction." These are images that take up residence in your heart...and stay there.