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Christianity and Art

Galleries Christian and religious art worldwide

Galleries Christian and religious art worldwide

This is a list of galleries and exposition spaces of churches, colleges, universities, theological institutions and Christian art and artist organizations.
- Minoriten Galerien, Mariahilferplatz 3, Graz. Die Minoriten Galerien Graz show contemporary art, international, with a focus on religion and spirituality. Under the leadership of Johannes Rauchenberger several big international exhibitions were realised. (D)
- Artetage, Galerie der katholischen Aktion, im 3. Stock des Bischofhofs, Graz. Exhibits contemporary art where chuch and art meet, organizes art discussions and meetings with/of artists.
- KHG-Galerie, Leechgasse 24, Graz and Hortus Leech, Zinzendorfgasse 3, Graz. The gallery offers exhibition space especially to young artists. Open: Mo – S0 10:00 - 17:00.

- St. Virgil, Ernst-Grein-Straße 14, Salzburg, a Catholic conference and educational centre that places a lot of emphasis on the dialogue between the church and contemporary art. They have an exhibition space and an artist in residence program. The Emmaus chapel has a large mural by Josef Mikl. (D, E)
- Margret-Bilger-Galerie of the Cistercian monastery of Schlierbach. There is also a glass studio here. (D)
- Ikonen Mautner, Russische Ikonen, Herrengasse 2-4, Vienna.
- Manna Kunsthuis, Heilige-Geeststraat 3, Bruges. Sculpture, paintings and calligraphy are being exhibited; cards, art books and little art objects are being sold. This is ‘religious’ art – either based on Christian iconography or religious in a broad sense.
Churches with exhibitions:
Antwerp: Sint Carolus Borromeus church
Antwerp: Sint-Anna-ten-drieën, Hanegraefstraat on the Antwerp-Left Bank. (NL)
Bruges: Magdalenakerk. Space, man and religion: an experiment in the Saint Magdalene’s Church. Contemporary art forms an important point of departure to create a spiritual place of meaning in the church building. (NL, E, F, D, S)
Brussels: Sint Michiels and Sint Goedele cathedral: every year four exhibitions of contemporary art.
Brussels: Sint-Niklaaskerk-aan-de-Beurs
Dison: Saint-Fiacre
Ghent: Sint-Niklaaskerk
Ghent: Sint Bataafs Cathedral.
Hasselt: the Cathedral
Hoegaarden: Sint-Rochus
Marche-en-Famenne: Saint-Remacle
- Laudato Gallery. (Cr)
- Gallerie Emmaus with a list of Christian artists. Biblical subjects but also landscapes, abstract and figurative. Advises and deals also with churches. Address: Ll. Svenstrup, Gods Holbækvej 117, 4100 Ringsted. (Dan)
Cirencester (Gloucestershire):
- The Lodge Studio: gallery, courses, talks and refreshment weeks at the home of David and Ali Thistlethwaite near Cirencester, Gloucestershire, is a unique and inspiring setting for creative work. (E)
Husk, Gallery & Project Space, 649-651 Commercial Road, Limehouse, London. Husk is a new artist-led gallery and project space within the cafe and arts centre Departure, in Limehouse, London. Husk is a partnership between Departure and Morphe Arts, run by artists for artists with a particular lean towards new graduates' work. Hosted alongside Husk is Departure's Cafe Gallery which is a platform for local artists to exhibit their work. (E)
- Sacred Space Gallery, London. This gallery is dedicated to the sacred and traditional arts from divers world traditions. We also welcome contemporary artists who do not belong to any tradition per se, but choose to explore the sacred in their work. Sacred Space is situated in the specially refitted northern transept of St John’s Notting Hill, London. (E)
- The Temple Gallery, 6 Clarendon Cross, Holland Park, London: a centre for the study, restoration and exhibition of ancient icons and sacred art. (E)
- Sarum College promotes the arts in a number of ways, including its popular Sarum Lunchtime Concerts as well as both permanent and temporary art exhibitions. (E)
West Ham:
- Commission4mission exhibition space at All Saints West Ham showing work by Commission4mission members. (E)
Witney (near Oxford):
- The Meller Gallery is at the hub of the Veritasse company. The gallery adjoins the lovely Church Green in Witney. With Art Café.
Galleries in church spaces:
Shieldfield Art Works - Newcastle upon Tyne
Fabrica – Brighton
Studio Voltaire - South London
The Belfry - East London
The Crypt - North London
Copperfield - South London
Zabludowicz Collection - North London
Swiss Church in London - Central London 
- l’Agence Nationale pour les Arts Sacrés. 
- Espace culturel Saint-Polycarpe.
- Maison diocésaine Le Cèdre.  
- Centre Artistique Magnificat, Cloître de l’abbaye de Paray-le-Monial - Communauté de l’Emmanuel.
- Galerie Bansard, 26 Avenue de la Bourdonnais. Expositions of works by Catholic artists. (F)
- Galerie Saint-Séverin, 4 rue des Prêtres-Saint-Séverin - Paris 5e, started in 1990 by the diocesal organisation Art, Culture et Foi, Paris to stimulate the dialogue between contemporary art and Christian spirituality. Artists whose work has been shown: Jean-Michel Alberola, Marc Couturier, Gerhardt Richter, Emmanuel Saulnier, Pierre Buraglio and many others. (F)
- Collège des Bernardins, 20 rue de Poissy, Paris. (F) 
- Galerie l’Eden.
Churches with exhibitions:
Clermont-Ferrand: Chapelle pour l’art d’aujourd’hui, l’église Saint-Pierre-les-Minimes  
Créteil: Cathédrale Notre-Dame
Enghien-les-Bains: in the Temple d’Enghien-les-Bains
Paris: in the Eglise lutherienne des Billettes
Paris: Église Notre-Dame de Pentecôte, 1 place de la Défense, Paris 
Paris: Église Notre Dame de la Croix
Troyes: Cathédrale de Troyes et Basilique Saint-Urbain
Versaille: l’église Notre Dame
Villeurbanne: Eglise de la Sainte Famille  
Vincennes: in the Eglise réformeé de Vincennes
Galerie von Külmer, Inhaber Philipp von Külmer Blücherstr. 42 86165 Augsburg. Greek and Russian icons.
- Gallery: St. Matthäus-Kirche, in the Kulturforum am Matthäikirchplatz, Berlin. Open Tuesday to Sunday 12 a.m. – 6 p.m. The Stiftung Matthäus of the Evangelischen Kirche Berlin-Brandenburg sees it as its special mission to further the dialogue between the church, theology and the arts. In 1931 Bonhoeffer was confirmed as pastor in this church. With changing altar pieces by contemporary artists. (D)
- Jüdische Galerie, Oranienburger Str. 31, Berlin. Gallery with work by contemporary Jewish artists from East-Europe, Israel and Germany and older Jewish artists like Chagall and Liebermann. (D)
- Kunst-Station Sankt Peter, centre for contemporary art and music, Jabachstraße 1, Köln. Founded by the Jesuit priest Friedhelm Mennekes. Aiming to build a bridge between contemporary art and the church. (D)
- Kunstforum St. Clemens, Clemenskirche, Cologne-Mülheim, Mülheimer Ufer: several exhibitions a year. (D)
- Exhibitions in the Katholisches Forum im Land Thüringen (Catholic Forum in Thuringia), Akademie des Bistums Erfurt (Academy of the Diocese of Erfurt). (D)
- Gallery at the Pax-Christi-Gemeinde, Glockenspitz 265, Krefeld.
- Gallery of the DG, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für christliche Kunst, Finkenstraße 4, Munich. The DG is an independent cultural institution promoting contemporary art. It was founded in 1893, springing from the Catholic lay movement. The DG wants to be a forum for the dialogue between church and artists, theologians, philosophers and art lovers. Ecumenical. (D)
- Exhibitions in the Katholische Akademie in Bayern, Kardinal Wendel Haus, Mandlstraße 23, Munich. (D)
- KulturWertRaum, Senftlstr. 4, Munich, the space of Das RAD, a community of Christians in the arts, where expositions, lectures and other events take place.
Iconengalerie Mönius, Hinter der Grieb 3, Regensburg. Gallery with Russian, Greek and Balkan icons. (D)
- Galerie Graphiker Maria u. Hartmut Berlinicke, Wildeshausen, Harpstedter Str. 23, Wildeshausen. Hartmut Berlinicke is a protestant artist and religion teacher. (D)
Churches that organise exhibitions:
Aachen:Galerie Pfarrei St. Peter, (D)
Berlin: St. Matthäus-Kirche, (D)
Berlin: Kirche Am Hohenzollernplatz
Braunschweig: Dominikanerkloster
Cuxhaven: Petrikirche
Darmstadt: Johanneskirche
Dresden: Dreikönigskirche
Dresden: Kreuzkirche
Frankfurt/M.: Zentrum Verkündigung
Frankfurt: Kulturkirche Allerheiligen. (D)
Göttingen: Jacobikirche
Halle: St. Moritz-Kirche
Hanau: Johanneskirche
Hannover: Marktkirche
Kassel: Brüderkirche
Lübeck: St. Petri
Mainz: Auferstehungskirche
Marburg: Luth. Pfarrkirche St.Marien
Meissen: Dom
München: Basilika der Benediktinerabtei St. Bonifaz
Münster: Überwasserkirche
Stuttgart: Hospitalhof
Wittenberg: Stadtkirche
Worms: Bergkirche St. Peter
Galleria Ponte Rosso, Via Brera 2, Milano. Founded in 1973, the Ponte Rosso has long given space to Lombardy painters and the movements they started, from the early 1900s to the present day. Among the extensive list of artists who have been exhibited here are Giuseppe Novello, Cristoforo De Amicis and Carlo Dalla Zorza. Many Catholic artists. (It)
- Galleria La Pigna, Via della pigna 13/a Rome, galerie van U.C.A.I (Unione Cattolica Artisti Italiani). (It)
Online galerie:
- ArsProDeo. Liturgical art including autonomous as well as applied art, consisting of contemporary translations of Christian themes and symbols. For churches but also for individuals. (NL)
- Expositions in the Bergkerk Dr. Abraham Kuyperlaan 2, Amersfoort. 
- Expositions in the St. Joriskerk. (NL)
- Gallery Look Up, Prins Hendrikkade 50. In combination with bookstore, cultural events and tours in Amsterdam. (NL, E)
- Expositions in the Noorderkerk. (NL)
- Expositions in Linnaeuskerk Amsterdam.
- Expositions in Thomaskerk, Amsterdam, Prinses Irenestraat 36, Amsterdam. (NL)
- Morsink Icons, Keizersgracht 454, 1016 GE Amsterdam. (E)
- Galerie Tóth – Icons, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 68, Amsterdam. The gallery is specialized in Russian icons from 16th till 19th century. The collection consists of traditional wooden icons and a large selection of brass travelling icons. (E)
- Exposition space De Schuur, Groot Oever 14, Balkbrug. Expositions in private exposition room of the painter Maarten ’t Hart.  Maarten 'T Hart – Beeldend Kunstenaar ( (NL)
- Exposition room in the office of the Nederlands Dagblad daily Christian newspaper, Hermesweg 20 in Barneveld.
- Galerie Iwema, Ikonen, Reigerlaan 49, Beilen, phone for appointment to see the collection (tel. 06.29368984).
- Kunsthuis Marc Chagall; Prins Bernhardlaan 37, Bergen. (NL,E)
- Martinikerk. Heeft zomerexpositie.
- Galerie-Studio Aafke Holman, Herestraat 2. Every Saturday 12.00 – 17.00.   
- Zoetmulder-Icons, Kampveld 1 (corner Wateringsevest), 2611 DA Delft. Gallery for icons. (NL, E, Ru)
- Gallery Jan Kooistra, Diepswal 3, Dokkum. Fri: 14.00 - 17.00 and 19.00 - 21.00, Sa: 14.00 - 17.00.
- Expositions at the Christelijke Hogeschool Ede (Christian college), Oude Kerkweg 100, Ede. (NL,E)
- Gallery/museum of the St. Adelbertabdij, Vennewatersweg 27 of Abdijlaan 26. Open Monday / Saturday 10.30-16.30. Permanent and changing exhibitions.
- Expositions in the St. Janskerk. (NL,E)
- Synagogue Groningen; changing expositions. (NL)
- Farm gallery the Ossenberg, Singelweg 11, Grijpskerke. (NL)
- Expositions in the Sint Bavo.
- Behind the church H. Joannes de Doper is a garden of over 2 acres. In this garden many herbs, plants and trees grow which are also mentioned in the Bible. Also on show are 40 sculptures of biblical and inspiring persons, from the Haarlemmermeer artist Karel Gomes. In addition the garden has a labyrinth. (NL)
- Expositions in the synagogue, Jan van Arkelstraat 4.
- Galerie van Driel, Burgwal 96, Kampen, with works by five members of this family of artists: Daan sr., Jan, Cees, Daan jr. en Nini van Driel. Call before visiting. (NL)
- Expositions in the Grote of Jacobijnerkerk. (NL)
- Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery International, Markstraat 4-6/Gasthuisstraat 3-6, Ootmarsum. Work of Ton Schulten and guests. With book gallery and sculpture garden. (NL, En, D)
- Gallery-studio Annemiek Punt, Kloosterstraat 5, Ootmarsum. Glass art, also windows. (NL, E)
- Kruiswegpark (Stations of the cross). The park, next to pilgrimage center Kapel in 't Zand, was completed in 1928 designed by the famous architect from the town of Roermond dr. Pierre Cuypers and has ornamental chapels, with in them marble statues of the sculptor Karel Lücker. In addition there are contemporary paintings portraying the lives of mission veterans and their homefront. (NL, E, F, D)
- Expositions in the Laurenskerk. (NL)
The Hague:
- Permanent icons exposition of the painter Hans Verweij in the town monastery, Westeinde 101 The Hague. Open on request. (NL)
Galerie 44, Molenstraat 44, The Hague has expositions with a spiritual and often Christian character. Open: Wednesday 13:30-17:00, Saturday 13:00-17:00.
- Expositions in the Heuvelse kerk (Sint Jozefkerk), Heuvelring 122.
- Expositions in the head office and services center of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands, Joseph Haydnlaan 2a, Utrecht.
- Expositions in the Dom. (NL,E)
- Expositions in the Nicolaikerk, next to the Centraal Museum. (NL)
- Expositions in the library of the monastery.
- Atelier Gootjes, Klooienberglaan 275, Zwolle. Gallery of Jan Pieter and Ludie Gootjes.
- Expositions in the Gereformeerde Hogeschool in Zwolle. 
- Jakob Culture Church, Hausmannsgate 14, Oslo. Jakob Church of Culture is situated in the eastern part of central Oslo. It is an old neo gothic church building, that in 2000 was taken over by record company KKV (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) and turned it into a sacred building for the arts. First of all it serves as a brilliant concert facility, housing 550 people, but besides that, theatre performances and art exhibitions frequently take place in the old building. (No, E)
Valestrand Culture Church, Sveio. (No)


- O Galerie De Arta Cluj, D.D. Rosca nr.14A, Cluj-Napoca.

- Nomas Project is a four window gallery space, based in 9a Ward Road, Dundee, run by local artists Cully McCulloch and Owen Daily. This experimental project provides a platform for contemporary art in a broad range of media. Artists’ talks and events will be held in The McManus Education Room, offering the public opportunities to meet the artists and hears about issues in their work. Cully McCulloch is the Co-ordinator of Morphe Arts in Scotland.
- La Pomme d’Or, Bourg-de-Four 22. Byzantine and Post-Byzantine art, icons of the 14th-19th century, Byzantine jewellery of the 6th-14th century.
- Espace Fusterie, Place de la Fusterie 18. Expositions organized by the Eglise protestante de Genève.
Iconart Contemporary Sacred Art Gallery, 26 Virmenska Street, Lviv, Ukraine. The mission of Iconart Gallery is to exhibit, collect and make available for sale sacred icon art of contemporary artists from different regions of Ukraine. We believe that Iconart brings together modern art and Christian spirituality, interpreting this long and rich tradition of icon art within today's cultural context. It is our hope that visitors will view this historic art form in new ways that resonate with the people and issues of contemporary society.
Flagship, a Semaphore Fellowship Gallery, 237 James Street North, Hamilton, ON.
- Dal Schindell Gallery, Regent College was established in 1990 as a way of demonstrating the value and centrality of the arts at Regent College. We have shown paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, calligraphy, etc. There have been solo and group exhibitions, showing artists from as close to home as Vancouver and as far away as Australia and Russia. Originally known as the Lookout Gallery, the gallery was renamed in April 2019 after its founder and first Director, Dal Schindell. (E)
- The Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery (MHC Gallery), 600 Shaftesbury Blvd., Winnipeg joins Mennonite history with art in order to stimulate and keep alive Anabaptist /Mennonite distinctives built on faith, perseverance and obedience. Just as Mennonite artists within the church have often not found a relevant place, neither have Christian artists from immigrant or refugee communities or those from the developing world. The MHC Gallery offers all these artists a place to exhibit their creativity. (E)
- Doug Adams Gallery at Pacific School of Religion, The Center for the Arts & Religion (CARe), 2400 Ridge Road, Berkeley Berkeley.  
Fort Lauderdale:
- Upper Room Art Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Upper Room Art Gallery was created in 2006. The goal of Upper Room is to create a space and place where we have the freedom to express ourselves spiritually and with artistic integrity in how our work is viewed and sold in the marketplace. (E)
Grand Rapids:
- Calvin College Center Art Gallery. In addition to work by Calvin College students, faculty and alumni, the Center Art Gallery features exhibits by secular and religious artists of note. A variety of exhibitions are created and selected each year to educate and foster dialogue. (E)
- Eyekons‎ Gallery, 210 E Fulton St., Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Art Exploring Faith & Belief. An Online Gallery of Spiritually Inspired Art: Creative explorations into religion, spirituality & social justice; Original art reflecting diverse ecumenical themes. Contemporary Original Art for the Home, Church or Office. (E)
Los Angeles:
- The Biola University Art Gallery is one of the art department’s foremost teaching venues. Over a four-year period the gallery hosts a variety of diverse shows exhibiting a wide range of styles and media. It features local, regional and nationally known artists. The art gallery includes exhibitions by students, alumni and art faculty. Special exhibits and interdisciplinary events throughout the year attract a wide range of academic disciplines creating a place for conversation and dialogue. (E)
Bridge Projects is a contemporary art gallery and curatorial project based in Los Angeles, featuring experimental, research-driven exhibitions by local and international artists. Each exhibition project includes a series of parallel public events – lectures, workshops, performances, salons, conferences, community programs, etc. – in which we gather prominent scholars and artists to help situate these exhibitions within broader art-historical, philosophical, and religious contexts. Our programming is especially aimed at fostering more advanced and more open interdisciplinary explorations of the relations between contemporary art, spirituality, and religious traditions. 
- The William Schickel Gallery in Loveland, Ohio, showing work by William Schickel. (E)
- Clearstory Gallery in Spokane. Clearstory Gallery is a Fine Art Gallery run by Christians whose vision is to connect people to God through the influence of image, color, and form. It is located on the Life Center Campus at 1202 N. Government Way near Spokane Falls Community College. (E)
St Paul:
- Art Galleries of Bethel University in St Paul, MN. (E)
- Dadian Gallery of Wesley Theological Seminary, 4500 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC.
- Paa-Ya-Paa Art Centre, run by Elimo Njau and his wife. Considered to be one of the oldest and most important cultural centres in all of black Africa. Nestled deep inside natural forest land, not far from Kenya's cosmopolitan capital, Nairobi, Paa ya Paa's rustic abode is slightly off the beaten tourist track. But that hasn't prevented it from becoming a powerful force and a formidable presence on the east African cultural scene. Caters to Kenya's globe trotting tourist clientele and also serves as a sort of spiritual oasis for performing artists, centre for artists, craftsmen and intellectuals from all over Africa and the black Diaspora world. (E)
- Amity Christian Art Center aims to sell and make known the work of Christian artists. Located in Nanjing, the Amity Christian Art Center was founded in 1992 in cooperation with the Amity foundation. Networking among domestic Christian artists, the Center strives to develop original Christian art. The Amity Christian Art Center also associates with Christian associations outside of China, for exchange and cultural enrichment, so as to enable the exhibition of Chinese Christian art works.  
- The Bom Jesus Basilica art gallery is the first and the largest modern church art gallery of its kind in Asia. With paintings and drawings by Dom Martin executed between 1973 and 1976. On the upper level of the gallery are photographs of Churches and other monuments taken by the world-renowned photographer, Benoy Behl. The gallery also has on display a number of priceless wooden statues of Christian saints. (E)
St. Estevam:
- Galleria Esperanca, situated in St. Estevam, and containing the works of the late Franjoao (Francis Joao Fernandes). Franjoao’s paintings also adorn the sacristy of the Bom Jesus Basilica.
- Atelier Studio/Gallery is positioned to support, represent, and promote artists of faith through the development of a network of Christian artists, a monthly exhibition programme, online representation, and annual arts competitions. The gallery space is available for solo or collaborative shows and will host curated group exhibitions that offer an opportunity for art and faith to connect with the community and marketplace. For information including proposal guidelines, gallery rental fees, floor plan, location, and gallery details please email You can follow Atelier Studio|Gallery on Facebook and Instagram by searching for @atelierstudiogallery.