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Lopez Schlichting, Constanza

Constanza López Schlichting

Constanza López Schlichting was born in Spain. She has a BA in Art History from the Complutense University of Madrid and there she also completed courses in drawing, modelling and ceramics. In 1998 she moved to Berlin where she studied drawing, painting and engraving at the School of Fine Arts (HdK) with painter Klaus Fussmann. As a result of her friendship with Berlin painter Achim Niemann she developed a taste for a simple and minimal language. Her training was further enriched by taking courses with masters such as Alfredo Piquer, Joan Hernández Pijoan and Antonio López. For several years she painted in the cities of Madrid and Milan, exhibiting in Italy, Spain, Germany, Panama and the USA. She has participated in various international fairs, e.g. in the International Art Fair Estampa in 2017 (together with the Montsequi Art Gallery). She was selected in different national and international competitions such as the Reina Sofia competition in Madrid, the BACS biennial of religious art in the French city of Menton, and the biennial of San Lucas in Plasencia. She has had almost twenty solo exhibitions in Europe and more than thirty group exhibitions. Her work can be found in public and private collections. 
Desayuno en el confinamiento - 130x97 cm, acrilico-lienzo, 2021
Deshilachada pero siempre renaciendo - 114x114 cm, acrilico-lienzo, 2020
Naturaleza se renueva, 90 cm, acrilico-lienzo, 2020
Oleaje - 54x54 cm, oleo-lienzo, 2019 
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