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Kaai, Anneke

Anneke Kaai

In 1951 I was born in a Christian family in Naarden, the Netherlands. At an early age I already loved to draw. After secondary school I studied at the classical Academy of Visual Arts in Het Gooi, the Netherlands. I continued my studies at the modern Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. After my studies I preferred to work independently instead of on commission. I wanted to express what engaged me in my walk with God. In this way the following series came into being: Creation (16), Apocalypse (24), Decalogue (12), Creed (12), Psalms (25), Bible words (23), Relationships with God (22), Women in the Bible (30).
Material, technique, style
While at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy I had to search for new materials and techniques. The old familiar techniques were no longer acceptable. In the course of time I have started to use plexiglass as a basis for my paintings. I was and still am fascinated by the possibilities of this material. The style of my work is symbolic abstract except for the series of Revelation and Women in the Bible. Behind the abstractions hides a symbolic reality that endows colours, forms and lines with a deeper meaning.
I depend in my work on my Source of Inspiration. I hope to touch people with my paintings, so that they may play a part in giving visibility to God’s Kingdom. During my studies in Amsterdam (end of the ‘60’s, beginning of the ‘70’s) God was perceived as dead in the student world. In response to that I developed a strong desire to express my relationship to the living God in my paintings. This is what drives my work to this very day.
1. The Apocalypse series is now for sale again. This figurative series consists of 24 works depicting the visions of the apostle John. They are painted on silk with oil in combination with other materials. The visions are rendered in a moving way, so that they may bring this complicated bible book closer to the viewer. Dimensions: 60 x 80 cm.
Alpha and Omega, 1989
A door opened in heaven
The sealed scroll and the Lamb
2. The Creed: This series portrays the Apostolic Confession of Faith. The twelve works give expression to the power of this very old Confession. The colours are symbolic and also the structure of the paint plays an important part. Technique: oil on plexiglass, 70 x 100 cm.  
And in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord
Who suffered under Pontius Pilate
I believe in life eternal, 1992
Openbaring in beeld (Anneke Kaai, Rhenen 1990 - Boekencentrum, Zoetermeer,
3e druk)
Apocalypse (Paternoster Press, Engeland) 1992
De Schepping in beeld (Anneke Kaai, Rhenen) 1991
Geloof in beeld (Boekencentrum, Zoetermeer) 1995
I believe (Paternoster Press, Engeland) 1995
Ich bin und ich glaube (Brunnen Verlag, Duitsland en Zwitzerland) 1995
Psalmen in beeld (Mozaïek, Zoetermeer, 3e druk) 2003
CD-rom Psalmen verbeeld (A. den Toom, Ridderkerk) 1999
The Psalms, an Artist’s Impression (Piquant, Engeland, 3e druk) 2002
The Psalms, co-editie (InterVarsity Press, USA) 2002
Bijbelwoorden in beeld (Mozaïek, Zoetermeer) 2003
In a Word (Piquant, Engeland) 2003
In a Word, co-editie (Paraclete Press, USA) 2003
Van Alpha to Omega (co-editie Anneke Kaai, Heukelum -
Mozaïek, Zoetermeer) 2007
From Beginning to End (Piquant Editions, Engeland) 2007
De Principio A Fin, co-editie (Editorial Unilit, USA) 2007
CD-rom van Alpha tot Omega (Anneke Kaai, Heukelum) 2008
CD-rom From Beginning to End (Piquant Editions, Engeland) 2008
CD-rom De Principio a Fin (Editorial Unilit, USA) 2008
Relaties met Psalmen (Anneke Kaai, Heukelum)
Seeing a new Song (Piquant Editions, Engeland) 2008
Visión de una nueva cación (Editorial Unilit, USA) 2008
Iesjah, portret van een bijbelse vrouw (Anneka Kaai, Heukelum) 2009
She shall be called Woman ( Piquant Editions, Engeland) 2009
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