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Conferences and Events in 2023


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9 July 2023 – 29 July 2023, Orvieto: ART IN ORVIETO, an advanced summer studies program in art, religion, and theology located in Orvieto, Italy, a magnificent hill town 90 minutes north of Rome. The program offers an ecumenical exploration of Christian understandings of the arts. It provides a three-week residency designed for artists, art teachers, graduate students in relevant fields, and other adult learners interested in engaging the intersection of art, religion, and theology. The acronym ART represents Art, Religion, and Theology, the foci of the program. ART IN ORVIETO is a program of the Institute for Christian Studies, an affiliate of the Toronto School of Theology, Toronto, Ontario.



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24 July – 28 July, 13.30 – 16.30 h, onsite & online, Regent College, 5800 University Blvd, Vancouver, BC: Summer Course Mary McCampbell: The Arts, Empathy, and Spiritual Formation. Our malnourished capacity for empathy flows out of an equally malnourished imagination. To truly love and welcome others, we need to strengthen our imagination, learning to see our neighbours as God sees them. To do this, we need stories–stories that illuminate and convict, take us beyond ourselves, and enable us to see the beauty and complexity of our neighbours’ worlds. Join us for an interdisciplinary exploration of narrative art in literature, film, television, and music, as we discover how expanding our imaginations can embolden and empower us to love our neighbours as ourselves.



16 July - 22 July 2023: The Glen Workshop, hosted by IMAGE, combines the best elements of a craft class, arts festival, and spiritual retreat. Held July 16-22 in Image’s home city of Seattle, USA, the Glen offers community, challenge, and encouragement for writers, visual artists, art-lovers, and spiritual wayfarers who want to grow in their craft, wrestle with questions of art and faith, and connect with others who share their passions. Morning classes provide the opportunity to do a deep dive into a specific artistic discipline or conversation with an acclaimed mentor. Afternoons and evenings feature a variety of activities that can include readings, film screenings, concerts, open mics, and more. More info 

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