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The Uncompleted Man

The Uncompleted Man

I saw an uncompleted man

a wanderer in delicious orchards, alone

awaiting wholeness and heaven

perhaps a woman to make him whole


gladdened celebrations were held on high

when an uncompleted woman came

and bells to tunes of fullness sang

for a journey begun again


a fabulous journey was their roaming

for uncompleted life held sway

over sweet inaudible murmurings

of darkness swamped by light of day


the friendship missing pieces helped to find

and made a lovely level whole, by and by,

while the shy and friendly darkness

went along for the ride and the love


so it’s to the darkness that he turns,

the nonetheless uncompleted man,

when his dreams of buried gold unfold

into life, the darkness he asks again…


…timidly again about wholeness and heaven

fullness, emptiness, completeness, and gold

and darkness tells him that only a small child

could understand

make the male and the female one, she says

let the male not be male, and the female

not female—for then you will not look outside

for completeness


so he-she looks the darkness in the eye,

like a diner ready for the main course


Tony Macelli, poem and image.

From: The Void That Shines. Where words don’t reach. 2022

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